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Identity management & digital trust

 In anera of exploding cyber threats of all types, it is vital for organisations toensure the robustness and resilience of their IT systems.

CCDOC provides a 24/7/365 SOC to manage your operational needs for

  •  We implement threat hunting solutions "threat hunting solutions to detect malicious intent

  •  We conduct extensive testing of your applications and infrastructure to determine their to determine their ability to withstand cyber-attacks, via our SOC available 24/7/365.

  •  We act remotely to Continuously monitor activity on information systems and assess vulnerabilities in order to defend you at all times. you on an ongoing basis.

 Aith the multiplication of interconnection flows and digitised operations between employees and/or customers, identity management is a priority for all organisations in order to guarantee the traceability and accountability of actions.

  • We provide digital identity management with our access and entitlement management and governance solutions.

  • We implement powerful technologies to control the identity of people, but also of connected objects and robots.

  • We ensure the your information systems with authentication devices that meet your needs.

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Penetration testing
Ethical Hacking
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SOC 24/7/365
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